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Kabal of the Righteous [Seed]

When man was young and the Gods still roamed the earth, a few were chosen to be their heralds. A select group of men and women were given the secrets of their masters’ creation and were bestowed with knowledge, and wisdom to teach their brothers and sisters the mysteries and secrets hidden in the soul of man. The Gods shared the mystery of the seed and how to tend to the earth to bring forth fruit. For a while all was good as man grew the new earth and brought forth a paradise worthy of the Gods. But as man evolved they became tired of their contentment and charge. Pride ruled, pleasing the Gods was no longer important and their gifts were squandered. Man became lost in a sea of war and greed as the heralds abused their strength. In their lust for power and control they dominated and enslaved their fellow man instead of enlightening them. Paradise was torn asunder by the arrogance and voracity of man and so they drew the wrath of the Gods’ upon themselves.

Realizing this apostate rebellious man would destroy himself, the Gods stripped the heralds of their sacred knowledge and wisdom. However, they decided not to destroy them altogether, but instead they scattered them throughout this now tormented earth. It is here man would wander without the Gods’ favor and blessing, lost in the darkness and chaos of their own creation, their own choosing.

But the Gods were not without mercy. Buried in a small group of men and women are the bloodlines of the Great Heralds, lost to the generations until the time was right for them to unite once more and return the world to the Paradise of the past. These awakened souls drawn together by a force they don’t fully yet understand, wait in shadows, slowly moving their world towards its final destination, willing to sacrifice their own life to fight for an inner knowing, a Kabal of men and women who shall sow the seed of righteousness for a new generation, a new creation. A new EARTH will come forth where once again mankind will walk with the Gods in joy, harmony and peace.

The birth of this new Earth has not been a simple process, through great pain and sacrifice the truly dedicated, loyal and committed have begun to forge a new path. This is their story.