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Jerek Lo / Apr 01, 2014
Citizens! A new era of guild leadership is upon you! Brought to you by... The Consortium!

With the recent...unpleasantness in Lion's Arch and throughout Tyria, we at The Consortium have found ourselves without a proper marketing arm... or office... or anything really!

You could say it was all destroyed in a horrible explosion caused by a giant drill driven by a mad sylvari! But we here at The Consortium like to see the positives in any situation.

Goodbye Gift Shop! Hello Progress!

And that is where you come in! Yes, you! Today we are proud to announce the acquisition of Kabal as our new indentured development department, brought to you by a take over that was in no way, shape or form hostile!

He's a big softee!

As our new indentured labor force you'll earn the ability to escape your contract by:

  • Stuffing Envelopes!
  • Writing compelling copy and advertising!
  • Rebuilding the Consortium Gift Shop in Lion's Arch!
  • Stuffing even more envelopes!
  • Digging through wreckage in Kessex Hills for signs of anything that might be of interest to your managers and development team.
  • And countless other tasks that may or may not involve fighting giant crab monsters!

It's a lovely island! I swear!

So buck up and welcome to the winning team!

Or else...

Subdirector Blingg
Jerek Lo / Mar 21, 2014

ArenaNet is excited to announce our first release that focuses exclusively on in-game features: the April 2014 Feature Pack, which hits Guild Wars 2 on April 15!

As a release that focuses primarily on game systems, the April 2014 Feature Pack will include a sweeping range of new features—everything from new systems that change and upgrade the way you experience Guild Wars 2 to quality of life and balance updates that improve existing gameplay systems.

Jerek Lo / Nov 05, 2013


November 12, 2013

Enter the Tower of Nightmares
The dark tower in Kessex Hills has been breached! Now is the time to storm the tower and begin setting things to rights. Within the morbid stronghold of the Toxic Alliance, you’ll find new dangers, new challenges, and come face-to-face with terror incarnate.


Create your own Guild Wars 2 music video using our all-new “The Nightmares Within” song. The most creative video creators will win SteelSeries gaming gear, and the grand prize winner will receive a unique custom Guild Wars 2 guitar from Sygnus Guitars – there isn’t another one like it on Earth or Tyria! Learn More

Take an inside look at the November 12 release with ArenaNet devs during a livestream on our Twitch channel on Wednesday, November 13, at 12PM PST.

You may have found a way into the Toxic Alliance’s inner sanctum, but this has by no means curtailed their nefarious activities! Kessex Hills and the surrounding countryside are still befouled by the alliance’s evil presence!

Enter rooms within the Tower of Nightmares to brave special encounters—but beware! Things are not all as they seem. You can never know what awaits you within these dark rooms. Will you find yourself face-to-face with Scarlet’s agents, or a much more insidious enemy? It’ll take strength, determination, and a cool head to survive the trials that await you.

Marjory Delaqua has developed a special antitoxin to put an end to the deadly plant at the heart of the tower, but the first team dispatched to inject it never returned… Fight your way to the upper chamber in a last-ditch battle to destroy the toxic menace!



Antitoxic Fashion
Complete the meta achievement for The Nightmares Within to unlock a special Gasmask Skin! As the latest design in air purification and toxin prevention, the Gasmask is a universal skin that can be applied to any piece of head armor.

Exclusive New Looks
Complete your wardrobe with an Air Filtration Device—a dry-land version of the starter aquatic helm—or the Toxic Spore back item!

Brand-New Minis!
Two new Toxic Krait miniatures are on the loose! You have a chance to pick up one from Toxic Alliance foes you destroy, and the other can be earned by killing a very special enemy, hidden deep in the heart of the Tower of Nightmares.

Tri-Key Chest
The Tri-Key Chest holds a chance for special treasures. Collect the three keys to open it from foes within the tower, or barter for them with Marjory’s Helper, Dee. Open the chest to see what lies inside!
Jerek Lo / Oct 27, 2013

October 29, 2013

A toxic seed has been sown.
Guarded by magic, fed with evil, it grows.



Some new trouble is growing in Kessex Hills. Carefully hidden by magic, the krait have been working tirelessly on a terror unlike anything seen before in Tyria. Marjory Delaqua and Kasmeer Meade are investigating the illusory curtain that’s cloaking part of Viathan Lake, and they need your help! What secret lies behind the veil?

Take a sneak peak at the Tower of Nightmares release with ArenaNet devs during the preview livestream on our Twitch channel on Monday, October 28 at 12PM PDT.


Antitoxin Spray
Prepare for battle with a new universal healing skill! A dose of this cutting-edge Antitoxin Spray will cleanse yourself and nearby allies of poison, torment, confusion, and toxin. This skill is available to characters of all professions.

Krait Obelisk Shard
Complete the Tower of Nightmares meta achievement to receive a Krait Obelisk Shard for your home instances, which can serve as a place of power for earning a skill point or charging Quartz Crystals!
Jerek Lo / Oct 08, 2013


October 15, 2013
A grim specter lurks in the shadows of the Mad King’s past.
The Bloody Prince is coming to Tyria!


Halloween is drawing near, and Magister Tassi’s instruments are picking up some unusual energy readings. The Mad King isn’t the only one breaking through the barrier between realms—prepare to face the son of Oswald Thorn, Bloody Prince Edrick!

Haunted doors are appearing all over Kryta, where brave travelers can dare to

The Bloody Prince has taken over part of the Mad King’s Labyrinth! He’s controlling the undead armies in the Mad King’s Realm, while his father retains command of the plastic spiders, candy corn elementals, and other festive frights. The Skeletal Lich, Grand High Viscount of Candy Corn, and the Labyrinthine Horror await interlopers.

Race against the rising madness in the Mad King’s Clocktower, Tyria’s most maddening jumping puzzle! Can you make it to the top in time?

Join in player vs. player madness and mayhem with the Lunatic Inquisition, where you’ll play as either a Villager, desperate to survive, or a maniacal Lunatic Courtier. Discover survival tools and hidden secrets within the Labyrinth, and try to survive the night!

Take a spooky sneak peek at the Blood and Madness release with ArenaNet devs during the preview livestream on our Twitch channel on Monday, October 14 at 12PM PDT.


Combat Quality of Life Fixes
With new ground targeting options, improvements to targeting, and a new, optional way to display condition damage numbers, we’re bringing in some great improvements to the way our combat works!

Trait and Skill Tooltips
We have improved the tooltip system for traits and skills. Traits now display numbers, and skill tooltips will show how skills are affected by equipped traits.

Balance Updates
We’ve made a balance pass on existing skills and traits with a focus on improving support builds in all parts of the game for all professions.

Introducing the First World vs. World Season
Starting on October 18 and running through December 5, we’ll be hosting the first WvW season! We’ll be splitting up worlds into leagues, and each world within a league will compete against every other world over the course of the season. Not only will you be rewarded for your team’s season-long performance, but you’ll also be rewarded each week that you participate!


Sweet Rewards
Get yourself some sweet rewards by participating in Blood and Madness content! Complete the Blood and Madness meta achievement to receive a Mini Candy Corn Elemental , and follow the storyline for a Candy Corn node for your home instance!

Candy Cornucopia
You can trade Candy Corn for new Halloween items like a Mini Bloody Prince, a 20-slot Halloween Pail, and special crafting items needed for Halloween weapons!

Mask of the Night
Participate in rounds of Mad King Says to prove your ability to obey the maniacal monarch’s whimsies and earn yourself a
Mask of the Night!

Jerek Lo / Sep 24, 2013
It's a new permanent dungeon path! Get yo weed wacker ready! We return to Twilight Arbor.

October 1, 2013

Rumors have been gathering—whispers of a menace in the shadows.
Trouble is stirring in Twilight Arbor!



Lionguard intelligence reports have been pouring in regarding suspicious activities in the Twilight Arbor! Nightmare Courtiers are still pursuing their dark agenda, but now it seems like Scarlet is hatching some new plot as well. The sylvari hero Caithe is troubled by these rumors and has put out a call for heroes to put a stop to Scarlet’s machinations! It’ll take a daring group, armed with sharpened wits and blades, to infiltrate Twilight Arbor and put a stop to the mischief that’s afoot!

Party up with other players and join Caithe to work your way into a secret facility hidden deep in the shadows of Twilight Arbor. Take out guards, puzzle your way through tricks and traps, and bring down the monster at the pounding heart of the stronghold.

Explore the Twilight Assault release with ArenaNet devs during the preview livestream on our Twitch channel on Monday, September 30 at 12PM PDT.


New Achievement Rewards

Show off your prowess with the new Slickpack back item. It glows, it gleams, and it lets the whole world know that you bested the dangers of Twilight Assault! You can also earn yourself an adorable, miniaturized version of one of the most powerful foes you’ll face in your assault on Twilight Arbor.

Exotic Nightmare Weapons

Foes in the Twilight Arbor explorable mode have a rare chance to drop a new version of the Nightmare weapons. These weapons have a unique name and give off a blue aetherized glow.

Aether Chests

Across the Maguuma Jungle, players can find Aether Key Pieces. Collect and combine five of these to form a key that will open Aether Chests in the new path of Twilight Arbor.
Jerek Lo / Sep 16, 2013

More of a Quality of life update, but we'll see just how nasty The Sunless is!

September 17, 2013
It has been gathering power in the depths.
It is faster, stronger, deadlier.
It has returned to devour and destroy.
It is called Tequatl the Sunless… and it has evolved.


We’ve added a new system to help players find others to join in on their adventures. Using our new looking for group system, you’ll be able to select the type of content you’d like to do and add in a custom description about the group you’re trying to form. Use the system alone or with friends to easily fill out your party! Read more on the forums.

Big changes are coming to the eternal war in The Mists! Each borderland map in WvW has been redesigned to include five new Ruins of Power—capture points that armies can battle over in order to earn lethal Bloodlust boosts for everyone on their server!

We’ve adjusted all of our bosses to make them more challenging and fun! From the Megadestroyer to Golem Mark II to the Fire Elemental, bosses in Tyria are more dangerous than ever!

Prepare to knock some gates down and set stuff on fire! Become tougher and more effective in those heated siege situations by earning ranks in the new Flame Ram Mastery ability!


Earn this ominous new animated back item by waging war against Tequatl the Sunless!
Jerek Lo / Aug 27, 2013


September 3, 2013

Prepare to Get Schooled!

The asuran genius Moto is back with his new and improved Super Adventure Box! This virtual reality simulator was designed to educate young asura, but anyone can enroll! Face new challenges and new enemies in World 2, or put your skills to the ultimate test with the aptly-named Tribulation Mode!


Continue Your Education in World 2

Your studies will continue in World 2 as you travel through the Rapids, Pain Cliffs, and Storm Top for a lethal final exam with the Storm Wizard! Need some study aids? Unlock all-new items and upgrades to help you get ahead!

For Advanced Students: Tribulation Mode

To help teach resilience and non-linear thinking, Moto has created the ridiculously challenging Tribulation Mode for all zones in Worlds 1 and 2. Here, students will learn that life isn’t easy – and neither is Tribulation Mode!

Developer Livestream – September 3

Think inside the box with ArenaNet devs during the livestream on our Twitch channel on Tuesday, September 3, at 12PM PDT.

New Rewards

Complete Your Super Weapon Set

Moto’s prepared for another round of fundraising with the rest of the Super Weapon Skins! Trade in Bauble Bubbles to pick up a stylish new look for your weapons.

King Toad and Storm Wizard Weapons

In addition to offering the remaining Super Weapon Skins, Moto is also encouraging Super Adventure Box players to show off their prowess by collecting the materials necessary for King Toad and Storm Wizard weapons!

Mini Princess Miya

Collect a Mini Moto and elements of Princess Miya’s outfit, combine them in the forge, and bask in the holo-glow of your very own Mini Princess Miya!

New Features

Craft Ascended Weapons

The Weaponsmith, Artificer, and Huntsman crafting disciplines have a new skill cap of 500. We’re introducing new recipes and new materials to be found around the world! Craft your way to 500 to become a Grandmaster Crafter and to learn the secrets of crafting Ascended weapons!

Legendary Weapon Updates

Legendary weapons are getting a stat boost and an Offensive Infusion slot to align with the new Ascended weapons! Legendaries are also receiving additional functionality: When out of combat, Legendary weapon bearers will be able to choose between different stat combinations for your weapon. And to top it all off, many Legendaries are getting some aesthetic upgrades!

Account-Wide Magic Find

We’re removing Magic Find as an equipment stat. Instead, your Magic Find will now be an account-wide bonus that applies to all of your characters. You can boost your account’s Magic Find using Essences of Luck, which can be earned by salvaging Fine or Masterwork items.