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Kabal Raid Team Go!

Jerek Lo / Jan 23, 2016

Howdy all!

So we’ve had a few months of raid time under our belts and with our experiences we have come to some conclusions related to how we are running things.

1. While activity has been decent (outside of issues with holidays), we have found that our days are not fully aligning with the schedules of our fellow guild members. We have tried to fill those spots with guildies and pugs, but in doing so we feel we have put extra strain on people who may not be fully available to raid with us on our current schedule.

2. We feel the gear requirements we originally posted are still valid, but they don’t seem to be as important as we had originally thought they would. While many of our regular raiders have ascended gear, we have found that bringing people on exotic gear has not really been our issue with raiding as much as it’s been mechanics.

To fix these issues we are going to initiate a two prong approach.

1. We will be officially creating a Kabal Raid Team that will now be taking place of our “advanced” raid night.

2. On “regular” raid nights, we will allow members to join who are not apart of the raid team due to commit issues, experience, etc.

I have more info in our official Raid Team Post so click here for more info! :)


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