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Under New Management!

Jerek Lo / Apr 01, 2014
Citizens! A new era of guild leadership is upon you! Brought to you by... The Consortium!

With the recent...unpleasantness in Lion's Arch and throughout Tyria, we at The Consortium have found ourselves without a proper marketing arm... or office... or anything really!

You could say it was all destroyed in a horrible explosion caused by a giant drill driven by a mad sylvari! But we here at The Consortium like to see the positives in any situation.

Goodbye Gift Shop! Hello Progress!

And that is where you come in! Yes, you! Today we are proud to announce the acquisition of Kabal as our new indentured development department, brought to you by a take over that was in no way, shape or form hostile!

He's a big softee!

As our new indentured labor force you'll earn the ability to escape your contract by:

  • Stuffing Envelopes!
  • Writing compelling copy and advertising!
  • Rebuilding the Consortium Gift Shop in Lion's Arch!
  • Stuffing even more envelopes!
  • Digging through wreckage in Kessex Hills for signs of anything that might be of interest to your managers and development team.
  • And countless other tasks that may or may not involve fighting giant crab monsters!

It's a lovely island! I swear!

So buck up and welcome to the winning team!

Or else...

Subdirector Blingg

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