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The Truth About Temjin Singh

by Jerek Lo on Jul 29, 2010 at 06:54 PM}
The truth behind what happened when Temujin Singh was sent to parlay with the Order of the Black Lotus has long been lost to time. All that remains is the legend, and the legend goes as follows:

As Temujin made his way to the Order’s Temple, a monk from the Order walked by the master. Some believe that the Order was not happy to share its secrets with the Kabal and that this monk was one of those dissenters. Others think it was an assassin sent to kill Temujin’s superior officers that waited in the camp outside the walls of the Order’s guild hall. Either way the monk was soon dead, slew by Temujin’s daggers and cut to ribbons before the monk even hit the ground.

Then and there Temujin demanded an apology from the Order for this act of treachery. The Order refused, and so began what would become the final stand of the Black Lotus. Before the Kabal could react, Temujin had single handedly slew the entire temple. While he did return with the ancient tomes the Kabal needed to complete their missions, it was decided that Temujin’s actions had finally gone too far.

And so it came to pass that Temujin Singh finally lost favor with the Kabal, his ways to brutal, his talents uncontrollable. But instead of being forced to leave the Kabal, Temujin was given the chance to retire. He moved to the snowy peaks of Cantha, to spend the rest of his days in silent meditation and training prospective students…students the Kabal hopes would be more inline with their ways than their master.

Sadly that never came to past, for while countless men and women challenged the mountain to Temujin’s temple, few ever completed the journey and of the scant few who made it to the top, all were turned away broken and beaten by Temujin’s tests. Defeated by the failure of all who approached him, Temujin returned to his temple to meditate.

A century passed, and Temujin persevered. No one knows exactly how he survived. Stories tell of a secret elixir vitae he discovered in his journeys that prolonged his life. Others said his mastery of meditation and the martial arts keep his mind and body strong far beyond the life of a normal man. Others say Temujin was no mortal, but a supernatural being, a dread ghost locked away in the top of his temple. And few others surmised that Temujin subsisted on his own hatred of a world that never met his expectations, existing on out of spite for his former masters.

No matter the cause, as he waited the world changed. The Ancient Dragons once again rose from the depth of the earth and unleashed their terror on the lands. The country of Cantha was unified under the rule of a new emperor and the lands were purged of non human races. Lion’s arch flooded and Orr rose from the oceans. And still…Temujin waited.

And on the 235th year of his exile, a sound disturbed Temujin from his meditation…the sound of small feet on his cobblestone path. The doors to the temple opened and there before Temujin stood an Asura….

It was a strange creature, short of stature, ashen in complexion, black eyes, long ears that rivaled any rabbit he had ever seen. He looked down on the creature unimpressed by his visitor. With a wave of his hand he asked the little creature to leave. But the Asura refused! He had heard stories of the old man on his mountain and the deadly arts that dwelled in the cobwebs of his mind. He had traveled across the oceans, fighting both corsair and undead legion to escape Tyria. He circumvented the Canthan navy to break their isolation and make it too long. From there he followed the legends and climbed the great mountain. He had done it all! And he would not be denied his chance to learn from the master.

Temujin stopped and found himself impressed with this little creature. Unlike his other suitors, this creature stood tall, not broken by the mountain. He did not flinch in his presence and stood up to him when he tried to deny him. There was only one thing left to do.

In a flash Temujin pulled his ancient daggers from the arms of his robes and charged at the small creature. In a flash the creature was gone, a capable assassin in his own right. For hours the contest continued flashes of purple smoke and the pungent smell of the shadow arts filling the air as the two met each other move for move. As time passed age caught up with Temujin as he began to slow, the small Asura saw his chance and charged in….only to find that Singh was not tired at all but testing his opponent. With a deft move the master unarmed his opponent and tossed him to the ground. In over two centuries he remained victorious.

But unlike the countless students who came before him, Temujin did not send him away. What that Asura showed Temujin that day, no one knows. Some say that the years of solitude may have simply made him lonely enough to finally accept a student or that Temujin was so consumed with his own talents that only an Asura could ever hope to match him. Either way he was impressed with the creature’s determination. And so the Asura became the student of the most dangerous assassin to walk the earth.

For five years the Asura trained under his master, tortured in ways no asura or man should be tortured, pushed past the limits of any moral creature. By the time Temujin was through with the creature, it was perfect. He moved as if one with the shadows and delivered a killing blow that could fell a creature ten times his size. His fists could turn stone to ash and his eyes saw the dance of battled countless moves ahead of any opponent.

Temujin sent his perfect weapon into the world, and he came back victorious, defeating all who opposed him, toppling empires and changing the face of Cantha in ways no one could ever truly understand unless they were too in league with the shadows.

But when the Asura returned, he found his master on his death bed…his years of cheating death finally over. There Temujin gave the small creature his daggers, the last of his lessons to his student.

And there Temujin died, and the Asura took on a new name…Singh.


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