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Chapter 4 : Nightfall

by Jerek Lo on Jul 29, 2010 at 06:28 PM}

In the vast tomes of knowledge collected by the Kabal, one name stands darkest, most sinister among all others: Abbadon. The Fallen God Knowledge, Abbadon was cast down by the elder Gods and imprisoned in the depths of Torment. There he has waited; meticulously and patiently plotting his escape and looking towards the moment he could unleash his terrible vengeance on the lands of Tyria.

For generations Abbadon was forgotten, lost to the world as were his followers the Margonites, lost in the ages before the Crystal Sea became a wasteland. Only the remaining Forgotten, whose legions have existed from the beginning of time, retain any contact with Abbadon; this lost God of the Ancient Secrets. Now Abbadon stirs, his dreadful presence once again stretches across the land; Tyria’s time of peace is at an end.

The tragedy, desolation and war that have spread across the lands of Cantha and Tyria have now reached the shores of Elona, Land of the Golden Sun. There deep in the ruins of Istan, the secrets of Abbadon have once again come to the attention of mortals. Ever vigilant the Kabal have followed the trials of the Sunspear Kormir as her people explore deeper into the past. There they would watch and wait for a sign that Abbadon has once again entered the world of the living.

The sign came in betrayal. The nation of Koruna rebelled against its fellow provinces, vying to control all of Elona. Though the Sunpsears of Elona fought a noble battle, their forces were crushed under the foot of the War Marshal Varesh; her armies aided by Abbadon’s demonic minions. Defeated, the Sunspears were dashed across the lands of Elona; the first of many refugees from the coming darkness. In retaliation, the Kabal’s full forces moved into the lands of Elona, spreading far and wide to unite the remnants of the Sunspears and rally those who will fight against Abbadon.

Far to the north, the desolation holds the darkest of secrets. Varesh’s forces march on towards the blighted sulfur fields. There lies the Mouth of Torment and beyond: worlds long banished from the realms of man. What horrors await the Kabal? What is their destiny? What hope does man have against this unfathomable darkness…?

With each of Varesh’s victories the Land of the Golden Sun grows dimmer. Nightfall has come to Elona. If Elona falls, so too will the rest of the world. Our forces are willing, but how can we ever stand against the unending armies of a God? The Kabal has prepared for this moment since the Gods first gave their blessing. Now is the time to prove ourselves worthy of our selection. Now is the time to come together, unite and rally our forces. Now is the time we must fight. May righteousness and justice prevail!


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