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Chapter 3 : Cantha: The Fight Continues

by Jerek Lo on Jul 29, 2010 at 06:28 PM}
Some say that the dawn of mankind began in Cantha. Being just south from Tyria, Cantha had a superb climate and early mankind flourished there. There is a continuous friendly argument among the Kabal exactly where they were originally from. Those from Tyria, Ascalon, because of the “purity” of the country side, and the perfect spiritual life style; felt they were first, they came from the blessed place. Those from Cantha “knew” they were first because of recorded history. Cantha was where it all started. Fortunately this debate never interrupted the issue at hand. The Kabal knew how to stay focused when duty called.

Two Hundred years had passed since the betrayal of Shiro Tagachi, whose final death howl froze the great Jade Sea and turned the magical forests of Echovald to stone. From those dark times, the Emperor of Cantha returned the land to relative peace, though his influence was lost on the feuding clans of the Luxons and Kurzicks. To this day they still fight and throw their territories into perpetual battle, the news of their victories and defeats capturing the interest of all people throughout the lands of Tyria. As the generations carried on, the name of Shiro Tagachi was forgotten as Cantha returned to its former greatness.

But after years of renewed prosperity, once again the Empire was growing weaker. A plague has put its spell upon the nation. Our great city Kaineng has been reduced to a people in hiding, afraid to come outside for fear of this menacing plague. Not just a simple sickness; it reaches far into the soul. It changes its victim into a horrible creature that no longer has any resemblance to who they were. This is more of an enchantment than a disease. A spell has fallen over the Empire.

Word spreads in the streets and alleyways that the spirit of Shiro Tagachi hangs over the pestilence, vengeance for his defeat centuries ago. Most believe this to be only a story for Shiro was long since dead, never to return. However, the faithful knew something was terribly out of balance and a power greater then the Emperor’s was unleashed in the city.

The Kabal believed that their focus on prayer, and righteous living would encourage the gods to remove this pestilence from the land. The Kabal was doing what it thought best. They were after all well practiced in the healing arts, so they went about the empire distributing their healing medicines and helping all they could. However, many were unsettled with this approach. Reports told of the mighty deeds the Kabal of Tyria had performed. The Kabal of Tyria have fought their way to victory and many in Cantha were thinking now is the time for them to fight.

It was not long before word was sent to the Kabal in Tyria that their help was needed in Cantha. The Kabal of Cantha was too long away from actual fighting to know how to begin; they needed training assistance and guidance. Their plea was answered; the Kabal from Tyria came to Cantha in large numbers. Training began in small groups and the battle was engaged. Master Togo spoke of even greater dangers that were ahead for the Kabal. They were given the task of uniting the Kurzicks and the Luxons once again in battle to defeat the resurrected Shiro Tagachi. Only their combined forces could dare defeat him and return the Empire to its former peace and glory.

May the gods continue to bless and give victory to the members of the Kabal who have always remained loyal to the command given them: Be righteous in all your actions and keep the Secret wisdom and Knowledge which you have been taught; which has guided you throughout the generations.


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