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Law of the Land

[Pinned] GW2: Bank Policies

GUILD BANK POLICIES1: We retain the right to modify these rules when we see fit as the game progresses. It is up to you to read the rules and visit the website with enough regularity to keep up with the updates.2: We regularly "clean" the bank. ...
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Law of the Land

[Pinned] Kabal's Righteous Rules!

Kabal Guild Rules & CharterThis document should be read and understood by all guild members. Any all questions should be directed to an officer or leader of Kabal. The Guild Leaders reserve the right to make changes or exceptions to these rule...
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Law of the Land

Being an Officer: How to be Swell!

Being an Officer in Kabal is a privilege that only a select few can have at any given time. It is a mark of appreciation and respect for our members that have taken it upon themselves to go above and beyond the call of duty and shown leadership in...
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Law of the Land

Member Promotion and Demotion

Becoming a MemberPromotion: Must be registered on the website, Must have a full understanding of the Guild Rules in the respective game they are playing Must be at least somewhat active in guild (chat, playing game with others, whatever), Must ha...
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Law of the Land

Current Officer Positions

Guild LeadersJerekEveTrevGuild OfficersDusk (Since 2018)Gwen (Since 2015)Flett (Since 2018)Master (Since 2015)Mizetto (Since 2013) Spazter (Since 2014)Zyra (Since 2015)Various Responsibilities as an Officer:EventsSpending a lot of time creatively ...
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