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We are moving our formal guild chat from google hangouts to Slack. This allows us better control over chat moderation, inviting and kicking users, and it also allows us to have some offshoot chats for game specific banter.


To join our new chat fill out this google form we made and include your username we know you as (usually the same as vent/website), and the email you would like to use to receive the invite. Your application is private, and will only be viewed by officers/leaders. The application can be found here :

After we have had time to review your application, you will get an invite from with an invite to join. From there you will need to create an account.

Mobile and Desktop Applications

There are Slack mobile apps for both IOS and Android, as well as a windows desktop application to use outside of the browser. You can can find them in the IOS/Android app store as "Slack", and once you have an account you can download the desktop version at

Configuration Tips

Content to be added soon.
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