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Hey guys!

We are a multigaming community and want to make everyone aware of our discord channel. Discord is a VOIP program that we use as a guild to keep in touch with our members in and out of game. It’s not only a gathering place for when you need voice communication to complete a difficult dungeon but also for just hanging out and chit chatting with more colorful members of our family!

But I’m not playing the same game as you guys! D:
Discord is an open forum for all our members, so don’t feel that just because you are in a different game than our other players that you shouldn’t be logged in. We don’t have specific game rooms on discord, but if you feel that you want to move to one, we have several party channels that will allow you to play with other members playing the same game you do. You can always hop back to the general lobby when you don’t need the focus a general party room offers.

What do you talk about on discord?
Pretty much whatever you can imagine! We primarily discuss games and the current activities we are doing in them, but the talk can quickly shift to movies, current events, or whatever other topic you can think of. Discord is a wild creature and the tendency to go off topic is always possible.

But what about content? Curse words scare me! D:
For younger members or those who might find the current discussion not to their liking, we have a special no cursing channel. Consider it a tropical island on a turbulent ocean. Enjoy your stay.

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