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Becoming a Member

  • Must be registered on the website,
  • Must have a full understanding of the Guild Rules in the respective game they are playing
  • Must be at least somewhat active in guild (chat, playing game with others, whatever),
  • Must have been in the guild for 2 weeks (Transition Period)

Becoming a Paragon

  • Must meet Membership Requirements
  • Active, Helpful and reliable/dependable
  • Participant in the guild/vent/forum/google hangouts and other avenues
The paragon rank is reserved for those that are recognized as trusted and helpful members of the guild. They have contributed greatly to Kabal and have been in the guild for a decent amount of time. The officers in charge of promotion will approach you when they believe you have earned the rank.

Becoming an Officer

  • Must meet Membership Requirements
  • Be Active in guild development in game
  • Have a good understanding of the guild rules and how the guild operates
  • Promote communication mediums - forums, events, google hangouts, vent, etc
  • Must volunteer to be an officer
Earning the Paragon rank is not a requirement but is highly recommended

If there is an open position (Officer Positions), you fulfill all the requirements and the leaders approve, then you will be promoted. It may be a long process, so be patient.

  • If you are inactive (in-game, forums, vent, etc) without notifying the leadership for 1-2 weeks
  • If you act out of conduct (see our officer code of conduct Here)
  • Any other extraneous circumstance, determined by the guild leaders
If you are demoted, this does not mean you can never be an officer again. However, if you leave the guild, in most cases you will not be able to regain the position.

Do not be discouraged, if we didn't want you in the guild, we wouldn't only demote you, we would kick you.
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