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Trick or treat!

Date: Oct 30, 2018
Posted by: Duskynn
🎃Happy Halloween!🎃 The Mad King isn't the only one celebrating this year!

Some tricks and treats have been buried throughout the guild hall, so we don't have to go outside and knock on doors!

Instead, we will go from grave to grave and summon the Spirit of Dusk! Mwhuahahaha. 😈

Each guild member has a chance to get tricked or treated! For this Halloween, there are 18 grave markers placed with a secret message for Dusk. All you have to do is find a grave and follow the directions on it. REMEMBER: One chance to trick or treat per person! Don't be greedy.

The guild hall.

Now through Halloween (10/31)!

Disclaimer: Not everyone will receive a treat. Duplicates will be tricked!

P.S. Remember there are multiple graves and not all are easy to reach. To ensure you're the first one summoning Dusk at a grave, keep this in mind. (Especially closer to Halloween).


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